a by-invitation member-based provider of opportunities, business, financial products and services exclusive to members, tailored to their needs. A dynamic group of businesses in a de-centralized setting under a centralized structure focused on one goal…. Exceed Expectations. 

Game changers.  Market Disruptors.
themumgroup Experience Delivered. 

what we do.

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member businesses.

Tax Preparation Offices.
Camille Tax and Accounting Specialists
Caroline Tax and Accounting Services
Platinum Tax and Accounting Specialists
tmg Financial and Tax Services
Car Sales and Leasing.
Platinum Opportunity Group Inc. (POGI)
Business and Tax
Advisory Services.
Tax Resolution Services.
Investor Relations.
ESL Investments and Capital Group Inc.
Tax Resolution Services.
Too Good to Be True Realty
Centerline Realty Inc.
Haven of Rest Realty Inc.
Centerline Construction and Alternative Energy
Strategy Consulting Firm.
Strategy Consulting Firm.
Too Good to Be True Realty
Centerline Realty Inc.
Haven of Rest Realty Inc.
Personal Loans.
Platinum Tax and Accounting Specialists
Healthcare Staffing Agency.
LM All Care Inc.

member programs.

The Consortium developed several programs to help members achieve their goals in cash, tax savings and peace of mind.  The Consortium delivers the Multiplier Effect thru the fusion of leverage, collaboration, knowledge, experience and old-school service.


Earn. Spend. Build your credit.

Tomorrow's Prepaid Card. Today!

POGI Car Sales and Leasing.

and Anything in Between.

No Credit. No Down Payment. No Problem.

Two Keys Ecosystem.

Home Ownership. Redefined.

We Make It Happen.

Platinum Soft Money Loans.

Same Hour Personal Any Purpose Loans, Exclusive to Members.

Your Fund. Your Way.

Meyer Private.

A By-Invitation Only Buyer's Club.

Cash. Reinvented.

don't be shy, say hello.​

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Phone: (818) 662 - 9382
Fax: (818) 662 - 7199