Meyer Private

members only

is a by invitation circle of private lenders financing themumgroup Consortium's programs such as:

TwoKeys Ecosystem

Premium Financing

Platinum Soft Money Loans

POGI Car Sales and Leasing

Membership Programs

Buyers Club

Exclusive Real Estate Acquisitions and Management.

Lifestyle Club

Where members help build their retirement nest egg together.

Cash Club

Any Purpose Personal Loan.

Members Only.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership Fee - $10,000 paid by the Consortium
  • Member ID - thebentecard prepaid card with $1,000 - $10,000 pay-out for member deposited per month for 12 months. (for select Members only)
  • Down Payment Investment up to 10% - Towards the purchase of your real estate property.  Not a Loan. No Interest. No Monthly Payments.  You return the investment during a refi or sale of the property.
  • Platinum Soft Money Loans - Up to $10,000 - $100,000 available loan funds.  Same Hour Personal Any Purpose Loans.  No Collateral, 0% interest, 5% facilitation charge. Term1-12 months
  • Two Keys – Select - Members homebuyers may receive 1 key for their new home and 1 key for their brand-new car courtesy of the community.
  • Two Keys Quarterly Family Dinner - Access to invitation to the monthly family dinner.  Each guest gets a chance to experience: $100 dollars raffled every minute. (Each guest will receive ten (10) free raffle tickets valued at $100). One of the six (6) 65” flat screen Smart TVs raffled every 30 minutes.
  • Select Club Premium Financing -Cash Value or Term, (for select Members only). Up to $10,000 - $1 million premium payment
  • Free Tax Preparation for new members.
  • Free Review of your prior three (3) years tax returns for additional refunds legally due to you.
  • Free Consultation on any IRS issues or audits.
  • No Credit. No Down payment.  No Problem. Cars Delivered to your Doorsteps.
  • Legal Counsel - Access to any type of legal consultation and/or representation.




TwoKeys Ecosystem
Platinum Soft Money Loans
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themumgroup Benefits

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